Top 50 NBA players of the 2012 - 2013 season

Top 50 NBA players of the 2012 - 2013 season

The ever controversial power rankings.... Every year the same conversation. Well, this is FreeTheSportsman's top 50 and we think its pretty good. Lebron and Chris Paul are in amazement of our list. Disagree with us? Then tell us on twitter @freethesports


1. LeBron James, F - Miami Heat

2. Kevin Durant, F - Oklahoma City Thunder

3. Chris Paul, G - Los Angeles Clippers

4. Kobe Bryant, G - Los Angeles Lakers

5. Carmelo Anthony, F - New York Knicks

6. Dwight Howard, C - Los Angeles Lakers

7. Rajon Rondo, G - Boston Celtics

8. Dwyane Wade, G - Miami Heat

9. Russell Westbrook, G - Oklahoma City Thunder

10. Kevin Love, F - Minnesota Timberwolves

11. Tony Parker, G - San Antonio Spurs

12. Deron Williams, G - Brooklyn Nets

13. Blake Griffin, F - Los Angeles Clippers

14. LaMarcus Aldridge, F - Portland Trail Blazers

15. Chris Bosh, F - Miami Heat

16. Pau Gasol, F - Los Angeles Lakers

17. Kyrie Irving, G - Cleveland Cavaliers

18. Zach Randolph, F - Memphis Grizzlies

19. James Harden, G - Houston Rockets

20. Joe Johnson, G - Brooklyn Nets

21. Marc Gasol, C - Memphis Grizzlies

22. Tim Duncan, C - San Antonio Spurs

23. Paul Pierce, F - Boston Celtics

24. Al Jefferson, C - Utah Jazz

25. Rudy Gay, F - Memphis Grizzlies

26. Ricky Rubio, G - Minnesota Timberwolves

27. David Lee, F - Golden State Warriors

28. Jrue Holiday, G - Philadelphia 76ers

29. Al Horford, F - Atlanta Hawks

30. Greg Monroe, F - Detroit Pistons

31. Monta Ellis, G - Milwaukee Bucks

32. Andre Iguodala, F - Denver Nuggets

33. Kevin Garnett, F - Boston Celtics

34. Tyson Chandler, C - New York Knicks

35. Ty Lawson, G - Denver Nuggets

36. Stephen Curry, G - Golden State Warriors

37. Manu Ginobili, G - San Antonio Spurs

38. Josh Smith, F - Atlanta Hawks

39.  DeMarcus Cousins, C - Sacramento Kings

40. Brandon Jennings, G - Milwaukee Bucks

41. Brook Lopez, C - Brooklyn Nets

42. Mike Conley, G - Memphis Grizzlies

43. Kyle Lowry, G - Toronto Raptors

44. Luol Deng, F - Chicago Bulls

45. Damian Lillard, G - Portland Trail Blazers

46. O. J. Mayo, G - Dallas Mavericks

47. Ryan Anderson, F - New Orleans Hornets

48. Roy Hibbert, C - Indiana Pacers

49. Anthony Davis, C - New Orleans Hornets

50. Tyreke Evans, G - Sacramento Kings

Derrick Rose, professional athletes, and the “life we live”

Derrick Rose

Derrick Rose’s season-ending injury and surgery on his meniscus wasn’t necessarily a shock considering what we know about ACL recoveries — but most reaction was generally pretty dramatic, and “shocked” is a word that could describe it. For the first time in a while, basically every journalist, fan and commentator forgot about their fantasy teams or click-grabbing #HotSportsTakes and simply felt bad for the talent that any true basketball fan loves watching fly around the court like the ethereal phenomenon that Rose is.

Cleveland Browns and AFC North's Superbowl Chances


Written by: Matthew Blunk

For years, the AFC North was a proud, dominant division in the National Football League. In 2013, the AFC North seems quite pedestrian. Sure, the Cincinnati Bengals seemed poised to finally take "The Leap" and become an elite team and champions of the North, but that was before Geno Atkins tore his ACL. Atkins is perhaps the premier defensive lineman in football, and the team's most important player. Quarterback Andy Dalton has been uneven, but still shows flashes of brilliance. …

NFL Week 7 Power Rankings Part 2


Written by: Matthew Blunk

17) Tennessee Titans (3-3): If not for an injury to improving quarterback Jake Locker, the Titans could easily be a top 12 team. The defense is carrying the load for now, waiting for some production from the elusive CJ2K.

18) Arizona Cardinals (3-3): Bruce Arians has done a respectable job, but Carson Palmer is not the answer in the present or future. The Cardinals still have numerous holes to fill on their roster.

19) Houston Texans (2-4): Matt Schaub's meltdown isn't all his fault. …

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